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Selective Laser Sintering (SLS) is a rapid manufacturing process that builds three dimensional parts by using a laser to selectively sinter (heat and fuse) a powdered material. The process begins with a 3D CAD file which is mathematically sliced into 2D cross-sections. The part is built a layer at a time until completed.

Examples of work completed:
bullet Ideally used for form fit and function   Quick
bullet Eliminate tooling cost    
bullet Resin type material, made from laser   contact
bullet Smooth surface finish    
bullet Multiple finishing options    
bullet Stable, tough, consistent    
bullet Ideal for end - use applications    
bullet living hinges capability    
Abbreviation :   SLS  
Material type :   Powder (Polymer)  
Materials :   Thermoplastics such as Nylon, Polyamide, and Polystyrene; Elastomers; Composites  
Max part size (LxWxH) :   22.00 x 22.00 x 30.00 in.  
Min feature size :   0.005 in.  
Min layer thickness :   0.0040 in.  
Accuracy :   0.0100 in.  
Surface finish :   High Resoultion  
Build speed :   Fast  
Applications :   Form/fit testing, Functional testing, Rapid tooling patterns, detailed parts, Parts with snap-fits & living hinges, High heat applications  
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